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Our group meets every week for two hours' training every Monday night, focused on a specific weapon and system. Our club has become extremely popular recently so we have started meeting on Thursday nights too.

We're still currently over-subscribed nights a week so we are adding new inquirers to our waiting list, with a view to running taster and beginner sessions in Spring 2025.

A typical training session will include:

  • Drilling familiar techniques to build accuracy, power, and instinct

  • Introductions to new techniques, building in complexity

  • Sparring and free-play in a fun, safe and supportive environment

Each year, members work together to set out our annual syllabus, including identifying new weapons and treatises to study. We spend around 8 weeks studying a single system before moving on to another.

We use a variety of nylon and steel replica weapons in training and sparring. Many of us have our own swords and bucklers, but there is always high-quality School equipment available for us to use. 


We take safety seriously! You will need to wear a fencing mask for all partner training exercises and sparring, as well as arm protectors and gambeson body protection where needed. There is a full range of safety equipment available to use during training.

Each weekly training session costs £10, and members also pay an additional small annual contribution to School insurance.

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David Casserly - Tutor

David has studied and taught Historical European Martial Arts for over a decade, and specialises in the Renaissance period in England.

He has been an instructor with Acadamie Glorianna, as well as for a time holding the position of Chief Instructor and Health and Safety Officer for the British Federation for Historical Swordplay.


David has lectured and taught at the Royal Armouries in Leeds as well as working as an arms and armour specialist for Lancashire Museum Service.


He has also studied other non-European martial systems including Filipino Eskrima and holds stage combat qualifications through the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

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